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Suzuki RM85 Race - Stage 1 Performance Package

Suzuki RM85 Race - Stage 1 Performance Package

We had such a  great response from our first post on Top 5 ways to make the Suzuki RM85 a Top Performance Motocross Bike | by Moto-House MX . Now we are offering a Stage 1 Performance package with the top performance items. This way you have a starting point and can always add more later time.

As we stated in our first blog on the Suzuki RM85 - Jun 23, 2017:

 How do you make the Suzuki RM85 a contender against the other great 85cc motocross bikes out there? You can do It all yourself for under $900. The Suzuki has always been known as an excellent handling dirt bike, now let's get more power out from the motor.  Moto-House MX has simple bolt-on parts that can make the Suzuki RM85 a contender!

The Suzuki RM85 has not seen changes for years, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Even though the RM85 has not had any performance updates, the bike can be very competitive with just a few bolt-on modifications and upgrades.

I always like to look at building an 85cc bike on a budget, but to have the performance to hang with the new bikes that cost over $5,000. First, we need to find a good low hour Suzuki RM85 There are also a lot of used ones out there between $1,000 to $1,500. The Suzuki RM85 motor’s power output is focused on low to mid-range and with a little work you can change this bike into a competitive racer.

The Stage 1 Performance Package – This is will wake up the Suzuki RM85 and start you on your way increasing the performance from your machine.

The biggest increase come from the intake track. The carburetor is dated using the Keihin PE28, (Round Slide)

Kehin PWK 28mm Carburetor Up-Grade Suzuki RM85Part # MH-15003

We use a Moto-House MX | Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor jetted to our speck. The Keihin carburetor will give the RM85 a stronger acceleration right off the bottom end and put a stop to any bogging off the bottom. This carburetor is standard on all the other 85cc bikes, which must tell you something if all the others use the same carburetor.  

Then we mate is with Moto Tassinari VForce3i to direct the fuel and air into the cylinder and Increasing air flow.


The biggest advantage of the Vforce3i reed cage is it will increase air flow. When you can increase the airflow to the engine, it means more horsepower. Since the VForce3i offers double the reed surface area, this reduces reed pedal travel, increase in power through the entire power range, improved bottom end, stronger mid-range, and longer top-end over-rev. The double reed tip design also reduces wear on the reed petals for greater longevity. That’s a win all the way around

Then Moto-House MX uses the FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe as the next part of the performance package.

FMF PIPE FACTORY FATTY RM '02-08 - 023043Part # 023043

The first thing I think of when I see the FMF Factory Fatty how cool the pipe looks the raw steel and weld marks. I know the look has nothing to do with the performance, but its good to look fast. (LOL)

When you need power, the Factory Fatty is the one for your Suzuki RM85.  When you bolt on the Factory Fatty increases and smoothes out the power delivery while raising the horsepower output through the entire power band, most noticeable, it will increase the low end and mid range power. The FMF Factory Fatty will also increase over-rev. No matter what type of riding you do, the Fatty has the benefits you’re looking for.

We add a FMF Powercore II Shorty Silencer. This will give a strong hit (acceleration) as well as a great sound.

FMF Powercore II Shorty Silencer Suzuki RM85 02-19 - 023011Part # 023011

 The FMF Shorty Silencer uses a shorter length inner core, with a lightweight aluminum canister. To deliver increased performance by increasing the bottom to mid-range power for MX. This silencer excels when used on tight motocross tracks and supercross style tracks over other silencers.


Depending what you are looking for some items in the performance package can changed. The changes can be used to fine tune for your needs (not all riders like the same type of power. One change for example is going to a longer silencer for more over Rev. FMF Powercore II Part # 023009

The second item is Coming Soon Moto Tassinari VForce4 V4R83A-I. The performance is very close to the Vforce3i list of improved features:

  • All-new reed petal resin system, carbon fiber and lay-up
  • Pre-curved reed petal ensures better seal at tip
  • Wider reed cage for maximum airflow
  • Combined reed tip area increased by 10.5% resulting in increased total air flow
  • Airfoil shape added to cage tip to increase air velocity from outer ports
  • Long reed stops added to progressively slow petal tip velocity, for increased petal durability
  • Reduced frontal area of central wing by 15.6% combined with a more aerodynamic shape
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