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Moto Tassinari

Moto Tassinari VForce3I Reed Valve Suzuki RM85 02-21 V383S-A

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Why does the new Suzuki RM85 VForce3i outperform standard reed cage systems?

The new RM85 VForce3i reed system includes a newly designed performance intake boot that enhances the bike's performance by increasing the airflow. This upgrade features a straight shot into the reed cage, which enhances the airflow and performance compared to the OEM intake boots. The dual v-shaped cage doubles the reed surface area, which is one of the primary reasons for the significant performance increase. Additionally, the Straight Shot Intake Manifold further boosts the performance and airflow, making the new RM85 VForce3i even faster.

With the reed cage configured in a better way, the reeds will open and close more fully, ensuring proper airflow. The reed petals are made of carbon fiber, making them lighter and stronger than conventional reeds. With these improvements, the rider can expect to see a longer life from their reed petals, sans the added expenses. Overall, the upgrade of the RM85 VForce3i reed system with the Straight Shot Intake Manifold significantly improves the performance, durability, and airflow of the bike, making it a must-have upgrade for riders who want the best possible experience.

Features of the VForce3I Reed Valve - Suzuki RM85:
    • Straight shot intake manifold included
    • Double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design
    • Increased bottom end, stronger mid-range, and longer top-end
    • Greater efficiency due to reduced reed petal travel
    • More airflow means more horsepower
    • Reduced reed petal wear
    • Screw free design eliminates the risk of screws going through motor
    • Screw free design enables super quick reed petal changes
  • Suzuki RM85 2002-2022
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