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Fire Power

Fire Power Pit Bike Lithium Battery - HJTZ7SL-FP-B - Kawasaki KLX110, KLX110L

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This Fire Power Pit Bike Lithium Battery offers 145 Cold Cranking Amps, making it an ideal battery option for your Kawasaki KLX110 or KLX110L bike. Its powerful yet lightweight design gives you peace of mind on the trails, knowing you have a dependable battery that won't cause any unexpected dead batteries.

One option to consider is replacing your stock battery with a Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery. These types of batteries are known for being lighter and more powerful than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also hold their charge longer and have a longer lifespan.

When choosing a battery, keep in mind that a higher cold cranking amp (CCA) rating will provide more power for starting your bike. However, a higher CCA rating also means a larger and heavier battery. Make sure to find the right balance between power and weight for your needs.

  • Fire Power - Lithium Ion Polymer technology
  • Lithium-ion battery is extremely lightweight, 50% to 70% lighter than standard batteries
  • Built-in LED test light so you can always test the battery condition
  • Greatly increased cranking amps over OEM and lead-acid batteries
  • 145 Cold Cranking Amps
  • Super-Fast recharge can be brought up to a 90% charge within 6 minutes
  • Increased life compared to lead-acid batteries (6 to 12 times more cycle)
  • Long shelf life, up to 1 year before requiring recharging
  • No hazardous acid or heavy metals, non-explosive and non-combustible
  • Fitment: Kawasaki KLX110, KLX110L
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