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Fire Power

Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Battery 2014-2022 Beta 250-500 HJTZ5SL-FPZ-B

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 Fire Power 2014-2022 Beta 250-500 - HJTZ5SL-FPZ-B

Featherweight Lithium Battery 165 Cold Cranking Amps

Beta makes great motocross bikes but one of the weak links is the battery. looking for a stronger more powerful yet very lightweight battery for your Beta 250-500. How are you going to start your KTM if the battery is dead and the bike has no Kick-starter? 

  • Fire Power - Lithium Ion Polymer technology
  • Lithium-ion battery is extremely lightweight, 50% to 70% lighter than standard batteries
  • Built-in LED test light so you can always test the battery condition
  • Greatly increased cranking amps over OEM and lead-acid batteries
  • Super-Fast recharge can be brought up to a 90% charge within 6 minutes
  • Increased life compared to lead-acid batteries (6 to 12 times more cycle)
  • Long shelf life, up to 1 year before requiring recharging
  • No hazardous acid or heavy metals, non-explosive and non-combustible
  • Fitment: 2014-2022 Beta 250-500

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