Kawasaki KX85 Peformance Modifications

How to build a Killer KX85 with 5 simple Bolt on Upgrades

How to build a Killer KX85 with 5 simple upgrades

 To start out the Kawasaki KX85 has always been a strong competitor in the 85cc class.

Let’s start with most 85cc bikes week spots first, the clutch. I’m not saying the stock clutch has any problems. Think about the aggressive young rider working that clutch hard to keep in the powerband. How often do you replace you clutch, too often?

When you need to put the power to the ground on your Kawasaki KX85, the Rekluse Core Manual Clutch Kit has you covered. This kit will make your KX85 hook up like it was on steroids. Allows all the power to be used and eliminated any clutch slippage. Components are lighter, stronger and Outperform the stock clutches. Rekluse has engineered the Core Manual kit to increases oil flow, reduces clutch fade, decreases clutch temperatures and extends clutch life.

  • REKLUSE Core Manual Clutch Kit 01-18 Kawasaki KX85 (RMS-7042)Click Here
Kawasaki KX85 Rekluse

    Now that you can put all the power to the ground, now let’s make more power. The Kawasaki KX100, KX85 when using the Factory Fatty increases horsepower output as well as smoother power delivery through the entire power band. The area that you will the most noticeable increase the low end and mid-range power. The FMF Factory Fatty will also increase over-rev. No matter what type of riding you do, the Fatty has the benefits you’re looking for.

    • FMF Factory Fatty Pipe Kawasaki KX85 Exhaust 022062 Click Here
    fmf factory fatty Kawasaki kx85

      When you won’t the most power out of your exhaust system match it to a great silencer. The FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencer will do the job. The FMF Shorty Silencer uses a shorter length inner core, with a lightweight aluminum canister. To deliver increased performance by increasing the bottom to mid-range power. This silencer excels when used on tight motocross tracks and supercross style tracks.

      • FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencer 01-20 Kawasaki KX85 - 022009 Click Here

        The Moto Tassinari unique VForce3 reed valve system by has been the reed valve system of choice for the Kawasaki KX85. VForce3 reed valve system for the Kawasaki KX85 will increase horsepower and torque by increasing the efficiency over a conventional reed valve design. VForce3 reed cage offers a unique design features double the reed tip surface over the OEM reed valve design.

        • Moto Tassinari VForce 3 Reed Valve System Kawasaki KX85 V384A Click Here
        V-Force Reed Cage Kawasaki KX85

          Drive Line - Performance Gearing set up (14/51)

          By changing the gearing (taller gearing) from a 14/50 to a 14/51 setup this will allow the bike to accelerate stronger pull out of the corners harder and stay in the powerband. With this type of gearing setup, it will also allow you to easily click up a gear for clearing that tabletop or going through a set of whoops. When you are able to click up a gear it allows the bike to pull harder and also smoother,  with out bogging.

          JT Steel countershaft sprockets CNC machine to ensure proper fit and smooth chain rotation while maintaining durability and strength.

           JT aluminum rear sprockets our computer designed to achieve high strength while using Aviation-Grade 7075-T6 Aluminum. This allows JT sprockets to be 30% lighter than an equivalent steel sprocket. By using lightweight aluminum this reduces un-sprung weight which improves performance while maintaining reliability.  

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