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FMF Powercore Shorty Silencer - 022009 - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX112, KX100, and KX85

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FMF Powercore Shorty 2-Stroke Silencer - 022009 - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX112, KX100, and KX85

If you're looking to upgrade your Kawasaki KX112, KX100, and KX85, the FMF Powercore Shorty Silencer is a great choice. This silencer is one of the most popular in FMF's lineup, and for good reason. Its elliptically shaped body with perforated core performs well in any condition. Plus, when used with a FMF Fatty Pipe or Factory Fatty , the Powercore Shorty can make your KX112, KX100, and KX85 feel like a factory bike. The silencer also features a Performance Flow end cap and nickel-plated front stinger to complete the performance package. If you want to take your KX85 to the next level, the FMF Powercore Shorty is definitely worth considering.


  • FMF Silencers use aircraft 6060 T6 alloy
  • All FMF Silencers are re-packable
  • Maximum performance, minimum noise
  • This silencer will fits stock pipes as well as aftermarket pipes
Fitment - 2022-2023 Kawasaki KX112, 2001-2023 KX85 / 1998-2021 KX100 / Suzuki RM100 2003-2004

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