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REKLUSE Core Manual Clutch Kit 01-22 Kawasaki KX85 RMS-7042

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    REKLUSE Core Manual Clutch Kit Kawasaki KX85 / KX100 / KX112 - RMS-7042

    When you need to put the power to the ground on your Kawasaki KX85, the Rekluse Core Manual Clutch Kit has you covered. This kit will make your KX85 hook up like it was on steroids. Allows all the power to be used and eliminated any clutch slippage. Components are lighter, stronger and Outperform the stock clutches. Rekluse has engineered the Core Manual kit to increases oil flow, reduces clutch fade, decreases clutch temperatures and extends clutch life.

      • Components on the Core Manual Kit are lighter, stronger and Outperform the stock clutches
      • Greatly reduces clutch fade, and improved lever modulation
      • Rekluse has engineered  the Core kit to increases oil flow, Lower operating temperatures and extends clutch life
      • Works with all of the stock parts, without modifications Includes Rekluse's proprietary anti-drag steel drive plates
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • This kit does not include...clutch fiber plates
      • 2022 Kawasaki KX 112
      • 2001-2022 Kawasaki KX85
      • 1998-2009, 2011-2021 Kawasaki KX100
      • 1998-2000 Kawasaki KX80

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