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Wiseco Performance Armorglide Pistons Kit - 40228M09600 - 2019-2021 Kawasaki KX450F

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Wiseco Performance Armorglide Box Forged Pistons Kit - 40228M09600 - 2019-2021 Kawasaki KX450F

The ArmorGlide skirt coating has been developed and tested extensively through Wiseco's in-house dyno program. It offers exceptional toughness, lubrication, and bond technology, resulting in reduced friction, increased horsepower, and outstanding wear resistance. In addition to its lubricating properties, ArmorGlide allows for a tighter fit of the piston in the bore, leading to improved ring sealing and reduced noise from piston movement.

When it comes to extreme racing conditions, forged pistons are the ultimate choice for strength and durability. Compared to cast pistons, forged are tougher and more resistant to damage, making them ideal for high-performance motorsport applications. Wiseco's forged pistons are meticulously designed with unique skirt shapes and profiles that are tailored to each specific application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

The Wiseco High Performance ArmorGlide Piston Kit for 4-stroke engines is available for a wide range of applications and includes everything you need for a successful rebuild.


  • ArmorGlide skirt coating reduces friction and noise, thereby increasing horsepower
  • Wiseco forged piston offer superior strength to weight ratio using aerospace alloy construction.
  • Each piston kit is equipped with a high performance ring set and alloy pin for extended life and sustained power.
  • Wiseco maximum compression and oil control.
  • Improved combustion flow, ensure optimal performance
  • The pressure seal groove guarantees maximum ring seal.
  • Wiseco 4 Stroke Forged Series Piston Kit, 96.00 mm Bore, 12.5:1 CR
  • Pistons does not include gasket kit

*  Only Wiseco replacement ring sets can be used on Wiseco pistons.

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