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Vertex OE Replica Piston Husqvarna TC85 14 - 18

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Vertex Pistons are the supplier to Husqvaran for High-performance piston. So when you order a Vertex piston for you KTM or Husqvarna you know you have made a great choice for you TC 85. Since KTM and Husqvarna choose Vertex as their OEM Supplier, you should too. When looking for Quality, Performance and Reliability choose Vertex Pistons.


Two-stroke Piston Kits

As the OE supplier of two-stroke pistons to KTM, Vertex pistons has an outstanding reputation for quality and performance. Each gravity cast piston is created with only premium aluminum alloys utilizing an 12-21% silicon content.

In addition to the silicon, each Vertex piston utilizes a unique Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) coating which aids in the break-in process and reduces overall wear.

 Features Vertex Piston Kit Husqvarna TC 85:
  • All pistons are heat-treated with a T-5 hardening and tempering cycle
  • All piston skirts are coated with a high-tech Molybdenum Disulphite coating for faster break-in time and increased piston life
  • Cast piston kits are a gravity cast aluminum alloy (not forged) with 18% silicone content, which produces an extremely light but very strong piston
  • Kits include piston, rings, wrist pin and circlips
  • Replacement two-stroke piston rings sold individually
  • Fits the Husqvarna TC 85 14-18
  • Insulation Tips from Vertex Pistons 
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