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Twin Air

Twin Air Bike Wash Air Box Cover - 160117 - 2018-2023 KTM 85 SX, and Husqvarna TC 85

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When it comes to keeping your bike in top condition, one important area to pay attention to is the airbox. The airbox is responsible for filtering the air that enters your bike's engine, ensuring that it is free from dirt and debris. However, when it comes time to clean your bike, it's important to prevent water and cleansers from entering the airbox, as this can cause damage to your engine.

That's where the Twin Air Bike Wash Air Box Cover comes in. Made from tough and durable ABS plastic, this cover is designed to fit securely over your airbox, preventing any unwanted moisture or cleaning agents from seeping in. The cover also comes with a rubber sealing ring, ensuring a perfect and leak-free fit.


  • Remove the air filter and pressure wash the inside of the airbox by covering the carb inlet with a watertight cap
  • Made from durable ABS plastic.
  • A rubber sealing ring is used to insure a perfect, leak-free fit.

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