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Pro-X Piston Kit 2019-2021 Kawasaki KX450F OEM Replacement

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Pro-X Piston Kawasaki KX65 00- 21 OEM Replacement Piston, Ring, C-Clips, Wrist Pin

Are you looking for a great OEM style cast piston for your Kawasaki KX450F? You don’t want to pay the high price from the dealer Pro-X has the answer.

Pro-X OEM Replacement Pistons Kits

ProX pistons are precision machined on the latest, state of the art CNC equipment. The same low-expansion, low-friction piston alloy is used as is used for all major Japanese engine manufacturers. ProX Piston Kits are a first-class solution to replace the original piston in your Kawasaki KX450F. Many of the ProX pistons are Coated for ultimate performance.

Most of the ProX pistons come with a coating. Our OEM style Tin coated pistons assist the wear in process when you just started the bike. We have developed a new skirt coating that not only assists the wear in process, but also helps reducing friction after the wear in. The black coating is made from a delicate mix of materials and will increase performance.

Features Kawasaki KX450F Piston Kit:

  • Interchanges directly with OEM parts
  • Piston Kits are Std. Compression
  • Piston kit comes complete with piston, rings, pin and clips
  • ProX pistons are for Nicasil/plated cylinders

The latest cylinders are plated by a Nicasil plating. Therefore, we offer a wide range of ProX pistons in standard size, as well as in A, B, C, D+ oversized.

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