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Motocross Replacement Front Brake Pads For Suzuki RM85 2002-2004

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Dirt Bike Replacement Brake Pads
‘X’ Carbon Series Brake Pads are one such EBC product that are designed with a high density with copper material that offer very high durability and a high resistance to water, mud, sand and excellent at coping with all manner of off road racing conditions as those found in motocross leisure/sport racing. New Brake Pads Do Require A "Bed In" Period.

Installing new pads often results in terrible performance front the front brake's stopping abilities which can last for a mile or 3 until the "feel" comes back into the lever. This is because it takes time for the pads to become matched to the rotor ("Bedded In")..
How To Bed In New Brake Pads.

To Bed In a set of brake pads is really no big deal. Here's how: .
Ride the dirt bike around for a few minutes in a flat and smooth area holding the gas and brake simultaneously while gradually increasing the drag of the brake for 20-50 feet and releasing for a cool off then repeating.
Do this a few times and the feel at the lever should immediately feel stronger. Once the pads are able to grip the rotor well enough to throw a stoppie with minimal effort on the lever, the pads could be considered well "Bed In"

  • 2002-2004
  • Factory Part Number FA230X
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