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Moose Racing XCR Brake Pads Front - M514-S47 - 2012-2023 KTM 85 SX

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These brake pads are designed to excel in even the most challenging racing conditions. Made with a high-tech gray zirconium-based ceramic, they provide superior heat resistance, protecting the brake fluid from overheating. This is particularly important during intense racing sessions where the brakes can generate immense heat.

What sets the Moose Racing XCR Brake Pads - Front apart from the competition is the use of the S-47 sintered metal compound. This compound is known for its exceptional wear resistance, ensuring that the brake pads last longer even under the harshest conditions. Whether you're racing through mud, dirt, or rocky terrain, these pads will withstand the gnarliest conditions and keep you in control of your bike.


  • High-tech gray zirconium-based ceramic applied extra thick to protect brake fluid from heat
  • Low-wear S-47 sintered metal compound outlasts the gnarliest conditions

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