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Moose Racing

Moose Racing M1 Brake Pads - Rear - M935-S57 - 2014-2022 Husqvarna FC 350

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Moose Racing M1 Brake Pads: The Perfect Solution for Maximum Stopping Power for your dirt bike.

When it comes to motocross, off-road riding, having a reliable braking system is absolutely essential. That's where the Ultimate Dry Condition Pads come in. Designed for extreme riding conditions, these high-friction pads provide maximum stopping power, even in the driest and dustiest of conditions.

One of the key features of these pads is the S-57 sintered metal compound. This compound is specifically formulated to provide exceptional braking performance, no matter how tough the conditions. Whether you're racing on the MX track, desert or mudding in the backwoods, you can count on these pads to help you stop on a dime.

But that's not all. The Ultimate Dry Condition Pads also feature a blue ceramic backing that helps prevent heat from reaching your brake fluid. This is particularly important when you're riding in hot or dusty conditions, as excess heat can cause your brake fluid to boil and reduce your stopping power. With these pads, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your brakes will perform at their best.


  • High-friction S-57 sintered metal compound provides maximum stopping power
  • Ultimate dry condition pads
  • Blue ceramic backing helps prevent heat from reaching brake fluid

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