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Moose Racing

Moose Racing Complete Clutch Kit 2002-2023 Suzuki RM85 M90-110

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Complete Clutch Kit produced specifically for the Suzuki RM85 motocross bike, the Moose Racing Clutch Kits provide superior performance than standard or aftermarket alternatives. Fully equipped with set-up components, all that is needed to complete installation is oil. This solution offers all the necessary parts in one place.
Features Moose Racing Complete Clutch Kit Suzuki RM85 :
  • What in the Kit - friction plates, steel plates, clutch springs and a clutch cover gasket
  • DP manufactures the Moose Racing friction plates with heat-resistant friction material for fade-free performance
  • Friction plates ready to install, no need to soak in oil
  • Steel plated instead of aluminium, increases weight about (3/4 lb)
  • 300% stronger than aluminium plates 
  • By adding weight, adds flywheel effect, aiding starting and traction
  • HD Clutch springs designed for stronger performance without a harder lever pull
  • Clutch Springs using the finest chrome silicone wire
  • Fits the 2002-2023 Suzuki RM85
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