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Wiseco Bottom End Kit - WPC201 - 2006-2022 Kawasaki KX65

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Kawasaki KX65 2006-2022 Wiseco Bottom End Kit - WPC201

Drawing on 78 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pistons and crankshafts, Wiseco is a global leader in OEM replacement and performance pistons for numerous motor sports. With Wiseco, you can restore your Kawasaki KX65 2-st. to peak performance.

Complete bottom end gasket sets, containing all seals necessary for assembly, are provided with all Wiseco crankshafts, along with high-grade main bearings.

Kawasaki KX65 2006-2022 Wiseco Bottom End Kit:

  • Crankshaft kits include crankshaft, top-end bearing, premium main bearings, and a complete bottom end gasket set that includes all seals and gaskets needed to do the job
  • Crankshafts are factory assembled and precision trued to OEM specifications
  • Double-forged Wiseco connecting rods maintain superior dimensional consistency through improved grain flow
  • Shot peening eliminates residual stresses and smoothly blends the rod forging surfaces
  • Corrosion-resistant surface treatment
  • Top and bottom end rod bores case hardened to 58-62 RC to optimize the bearing running surface
  • Crankpin bearing radial running clearance is optimized to ensure maximum performance
  • Precision honing ensures the ultra round bearing surface
  • Precision-engineered oiling slots maximize rod strength and bearing life
  • Double-drilled small ends provide the piston pin with extra lubrication and cooling, reducing distortion of the top-end due to thermal transfer from the piston
  • Silver-coated bronze phosphor thrust washers, with dimpled design to increase oil retention and reduce friction between rod and washer interface
  • Crankpin bearings are manufactured from the highest quality hot rolled steel; case-hardened to 58-62 RC
  • Caged needle roller bearings provide the highest possible rpm
  • Precision-machined crank webs
  • Wiseco complete gasket kits are made from premium materials for maximum sealing and reliability; all bearings are OEM-quality for reliability and performance

Fitment: Kawasaki KX65 2006-2022 / Part Number WPC201

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