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Twin Air

Ice Flow Coolant from Twin Air 2.2 liter Bottle

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A Very Cool Product from Twin Air. Ice Flow Coolant is a high performance, biodegradable coolant to its product line of off-road motorcycles and ATV/UTV’s filtration products and accessories.

IceFlow is a ready-to-use coolant formulated for long-lasting protection of all metals inside today’s motorcycle cooling systems, without harming the water pump seals. “Twin Air states that their goal was to create the coolant of choice for extreme off-road conditions as well as on-road usage year-round, in all climates, and make it totally eco-friendly.”

The new coolant offers the added assurance of an extreme freezing point (-26ºC / -14.8ºF). IceFlow is Mono Propylene Glycol-based, silicate-free and formulated with demineralized water and cutting edge nanotech and organic additive technology. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Twin Air IceFlow High Performance Coolant is available in 2,2 liter (2,32 quart) bottles

159040 Twin Air IceFlow High Performance Coolant (2,2 liter / 2,32 QT)


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