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Twin Air

Ice Flow Coolant from Twin Air 2.2 liter Bottle - 159040

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A Very Cool Product from Twin Air. Ice Flow Coolant is a high performance, biodegradable coolant to its product line of off-road motorcycles and ATV/UTV’s filtration products and accessories.

IceFlow is a revolutionary coolant formulated and manufactured by Twin Air, specifically designed to protect all metals in today’s motorcycle cooling systems. It has been extensively tested for many off-road and on-road conditions and is proven to provide long-lasting protection without harming water pump seals. This breakthrough was achieved through a combination of carefully selected ingredients and proprietary technology, making IceFlow the coolant of choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Its incredible cooling properties also ensures maximum engine power and efficiency, making it a great choice for all types of motorcycles.

The new coolant offers the added assurance of an extreme freezing point (-26ºC / -14.8ºF). IceFlow is Mono Propylene Glycol-based, silicate-free and formulated with demineralized water and cutting edge nanotech and organic additive technology. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Twin Air IceFlow High Performance Coolant is available in 2,2 liter (2,32 quart) bottles

159040 Twin Air IceFlow High Performance Coolant (2,2 liter / 2,32 QT)
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