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Hinson Complete Clutch Fibers, Steel and Springs Suzuki RM-Z250 / Kawasaki KX250F FSC357-8-001

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When it comes performance for your 2004-2020 Kawasaki KX250F or 2004-2021 Suzuki RM-Z250 turn to Hinson Clutches. Hinson is setting high standards for motorcycle clutch performance. Hinson performance clutches are manufactured in Japan using high quality materials.   

Features of Hinson Complete clutch kit for Kawasaki KX250F or Suzuki RM-Z250

  • Hinson Performance clutch kits are tested and raced with all the same high-quality standards as all Hinson clutches are known for.
  • High production tolerances to perfectly mate Hinson Clutch Basket, enhancing clutch basket and plate life
  • Manufactured in Japan using high quality aluminum base plate and paper or cork friction material
  • High production tolerances to perfectly mate Hinson inner hub, enhancing inner hub and plate life

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