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FMF Gnarly 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe - 024054 - 1999-2024 Yamaha YZ250, and YZ250X

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FMF Gnarly 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe 024054 Yamaha YZ250 YZ250X

The FMF Gnarly 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe is the perfect choice for 1999-2024 Yamaha YZ250 and 2016-2023 YZ250X models. With its strong and rugged design, this aggressive pipe increases lower RPM horsepower and torque, giving you reliable performance when tackling difficult terrain. Get the 4-stroke tractor-like torque you need from 200cc to 500cc machines.

This FMF Gnarly pipe provides maximum low-end boost to take your bikes performance  to the next level. Enhance your motorcycle's power and performance with the Gnarly pipe today!

Features FMF Gnarly 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe:

  • The FMF Fatty pipe has 35 years of racing experience behind it, the Fatty Gold Series pipe delivers race proven performance
  • Nickel plating is an iconic FMF feature, extensively copied by competitors, making it an internationally recognized expansion chamber.
  • High-grade 18 gauge steel construction provides superior strength and durability, making it a GNARLY your choice.
  • O-Rings Included in Package

Fitment - 1999-2023 Yamaha YZ250, and 2016-2023 YZ250X

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