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FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe 2021-2024 Gas Gas MC 65 - 025198

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The FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe harkens back to the "works" or cone pipes that were once utilized by professional riders globally to ensure optimal performance.

FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe 2021-2024 Gas Gas MC 65 - 025198

The FMF Factory Fatty is the perfect fit for your Gas Gas MC 65 when you need more power. Bolting on the FMF Factory Fatty will increase and smooth out power delivery, while boosting horsepower output throughout the power band. Notably, it will enhance low-end and mid-range power, while also increasing over-rev. With the Factory Fatty, you can enjoy the benefits you’re looking for, no matter what type of riding you prefer.

FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe - Features:

  • Based on the successful exhaust pipe used by pro riders
  • The Cone section is shaped like the original Fatty, but with new features
  • Constructed with two thicknesses of steel
  • 19-gauge steel used in the header portion for optimum strength and durability; 20-gauge steel on the body and a rear section for increased weight savings
  • Seams are hand pounded after the stamping process for that factory look
  • Come in a raw, unplanted, oiled finish, must be oiled after washing - looks great in raw steel 
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