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Moose Racing

Moose Racing Flywheel Puller Set Motorcycle Tools - 3802-0056

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This 10-piece puller set is precision engineered to fit the metric thread pitch and sizes of almost all motorcycles and ATVs. Each puller is crafted from the highest quality materials and comes with a convenient storage case. Guaranteed to make flywheel removal quick and easy.


  • Made from high grade steel
  • Metric 10pc puller set
  • Storage case included

  • Motorcycle Tools

    Includes thread pitch and size combinations to fit almost all motorcycles:

    M14 x 1.5 pitch, M16 x 1.5 pitch, M18 x 1.5 pitch, M19 x 1.0 pitch, M20 x 1.0 pitch, M22 x 1.0 pitch, M22 x 1.5 pitch, M24 x 1.0 pitch, M25 x 1.5 pitch, M26 x 1.0 pitch, M26 x 1.5 pitch, M27 x 1.0 pitch, M27 x 1.25 pitch, M28 x 1.0 pitch, M28 x 1.5 pitch

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