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Braking Rear Brake Pads - Semi-Metallic - 686SM1 - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX85, KX100, and KX112

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Braking Brake Pad 686SM1 Kawasaki KX85, KX100, KX112

Experience superior braking power with Braking Brake Pad Set Semi-Metallic. Compatible with cast iron, stainless steel and Carbiron materials, these brake pads provide outstanding friction and smooth gliding for optimal control. Nickel and asbestos free, they offer the best performance for Kawasaki KX85, KX100, and KX112 motorcycles.


  • All Braking brake pads are asbestos and nickel free
  • Braking combines organic base materials for optimal friction with a smooth, non-abrasive metal, providing better control and smoother movement on the disc than other brake pads.
  • Braking brake pads are suitable for cast iron, stainless steel, and Carbiron.
  • With Braking rotors, they deliver superior stopping power and control.

Fitment - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX85, 1995-2021 KX100, and 2022-2023 KX112

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