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BBR Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls - 510-KLX-1105 - 2003-2020 Kawasaki KLX110

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If you're a larger rider on the 2003-2020 Kawasaki KLX110, you may find that the stock "low-rise" steel handlebar doesn't provide the most comfortable and aggressive riding position. That's where the BBR Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls comes in. This complete kit includes BBR aluminum bars, extended throttle cables, throttle tube, extended front brake cable, shorty style brake lever, grips, and BBR bar pad.

The BBR aluminum bars are about 2" taller and 4" wider than the stock handlebar, giving you a much more upright and aggressive riding position. With considerably less pullback, you'll have better control and maneuverability on your CRF110F. Plus, BBR bars are made from premium aluminum, which not only provides strength and durability but also gives your bike a sleek and stylish look.

But it's not just about the handlebar. The BBR throttle, cable, and carb top included in this kit allow you to run normal-sized motorcycle grips, enhancing your comfort and grip during your rides. No more struggling with uncomfortable grips that are too small for your hands.

Installation of the BBR Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls is a breeze, thanks to the extended throttle cables, throttle tube, and extended front brake cable. The shorty style brake lever adds to the overall performance and aesthetic of your KLX110.

  • BBR MX 7/8" aluminum handlebars, Grips, and crossbar pad
  • BBR +5" Longer Front Brake Cable
  • BBR Aluminum Front Brake Lever
  • BBR +5" Throttle Cable
  • BBR Handlebar Kit Throttle
  • BBR +3" Clutch Cable
  • BBR Kill Button

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