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Athena Cylinder Kit Big Bore 58mm 144cc - Kawasaki KX125 2003-2005 P400250100011

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Athena Cylinder Kit Big Bore 58mm (144cc) - Kawasaki KX125 2003-2005 - P400250100011

Looking for more power, your search is over. Athena has a drop on the kit you turn your Kawasaki KX125 into a 144cc powerhouse. The kit includes everything you need (cylinder, piston, head rings, and gaskets & hardware).

Athena's R&D department utilizes cutting edge tools during the manufacturing of there cylinder kits. All kits are coated with nicksil Coatings (nickel-silicon) to reduce piston wear and increase longevity.

Features of the Cylinder Kit - Big Bore 144cc:

Kawasaki KX144 Kits include:

  • Aluminum cylinder with a galvanic coating.
  • A forged piston with molybdenum coating.
  • Specific Gasket kit and O-rings.
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions
  • The kit is a bolt-on, no matching is needed

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