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All Balls Front Wheel Bearings and Seals - 25-1027 - Honda CRF125F, CRF110F, CRF100F, CRF80F, and CRF70F

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Improve wheel performance with All Balls 25-1027 Front Wheel Bearings and Seals. The high-speed, low-drag bearings are EMQ quality with type TC nitrile elastomer seals designed to keep out water, dirt and sand. The double-lipped rubber seals provide superior exclusion of water, dirt and sand and improved grease retention, with a steel garter spring to guarantee constant pressure on the axle shaft. Kit includes all required bearings and seals to refit a wheel.


  • All Balls Steering Front Wheel Bearings and Seals feature double-lipped rubber seals that provide superior protection from water, dirt, and sand, and enhanced grease retention.
  • A steel garter spring offers constant tension on the axle shaft, enhancing the longevity of the seal.
  • Wheel seals are type TC nitrile elastomer, crafted to exclude water, soil, and sand.
  • Filled with Chevron SR1-2 lubricant, featuring rust and oxidation protection.
  • Seals have a rubber-coated outside diameter that creates an optimum seal at the hub
  • This kit contains all bearings and seals required to rebuild a single wheel.
  • EMQ quality bearings offer optimal speed and minimal drag.

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Fitment - Honda - 2019-2022 Honda CRF125F, 2019-2022 Honda CRF125FB, 2017-2022 Honda CRF110F, 2004-2013 Honda CRF100F, 2004-2013 Honda CRF80F, and 2004-2012 Honda CRF70F

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