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Moto-House MX

Yamaha YZ85 2019-2020 Performance Power-Up Kit | Moto-House MX

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Moto-House MX Power-Up Kit - Yamaha YZ85 2019-2020

The Redesigned Yamaha YZ85 motor has been updated with Yamaha (YPVS) Yamaha Power Valve System increased the power across the entire powerband. With all the newly increased performance Moto-House MX can still squeeze out more with some simple bolt-on mods.

FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust Pipe
  • Better power in low and mid ranges with Higher Over-Rev
  • Smooth powerband, predictable
  • Lightweight 20-gauge steel body
  • Tougher 19-gauge steel header
  • Bare Metal Finish (Works Finish)
  • Hand welded and pounded seams
  • Made 100% in the USA
FMF Shorty Silencer
  • Shorty Silencer uses a shorter length inner core
  • Increase in low to mid-range power for tight motocross and Supercross style Tracks
  • FMF Silencer use lightweight aircraft 6060 T6 alloy
  • All FMF Silencers are re-packable
  • Maximum performance, minimum noise
  • This silencer will fit stock pipes as well as aftermarket pipes

V-Force - V382S-A

  • Uses symmetrical reed petals, no more inner and outer petals
    Incorporates the industry's first and only patented snap together reed valve design. The entire assembly is completely screw free
  • Custom air guides specific to each individual application ensures maximum airflow
  • Utilizes and advances composite technology with an all-new carbon fiber lay-up and resin system.
  • This new lay-up was designed entirely around the reed cage design of the VForce 3i for superior performance and response
  • The new improved reed stop design completely eliminates the need for retaining screws. This feature now removes any possible chance of failure
  • Airfoil shaped (flat on bottom/curved on top) reed tip surface increases velocity of fuel/air mixture as it passes through, creating the optimum fuel atomization

Race Gasket Kit Yamaha – Top End

  • This kit allows increasing compression without machining cylinder head
  • Kits include - two or more premium-quality base gaskets of different thicknesses to optimize engine compression ratios
  • This kit allows the rider a choice of using standard gas with stock compression, or race gas with a higher compression
  • Kits only include head gasket and 2 base gaskets
Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filter
  • Twin Air filters will increase airflow while maintaining the highest level of protection against dirt from entering your motor.
  • Larger coarse open-pore foam catches more significant amounts of dirt, grime, and sand, and fine foam will trap all the fine particles of dirt and dust.
  • Remember you can’t make house power if your motor can’t breathe (dirty Filter)

Note: If Jetting changes are needed it will be included in kit

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