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Vertex OE Replica Piston 1999-2022 Yamaha YZ250 / 2016-2022 YZ250X

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Vertex OE Replica Piston 1999-2022 Yamaha YZ250 / 2016-2022 YZ250X

Vertex Pistons are the supplier to KTM, Husqvaran and Gas Gas for High-performance piston. So when you order a Vertex piston for you KTM, Husqvarna or Gas Gas you know you have made a great choice for you Husqvarna TC 50. Since KTM and Husqvarna choose Vertex as their OEM Supplier, you should too. When looking for Quality, Performance and Reliability choose Vertex Pistons.


Features of Vertex OEM Replacement Piston

In addition to the silicon, each Vertex piston utilizes a unique Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) coating which aids in the break-in process and reduces overall wear.

  • All pistons are heat-treated with a T-5 hardening and tempering cycle
  • All piston skirts are coated with a high-tech Molybdenum Disulphite coating for faster break-in time and increased piston life
  • Cast piston kits are a gravity cast aluminum alloy (not forged) with 18% silicone content, which produces an extremely light but very strong piston
  • Kits include piston, rings, wrist pin and circlips
  • Replacement two-stroke piston rings sold individually
Fitment - 1999-2022 YZ250 / 2016-2022 YZ250X 

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