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Renthal 520 R1 Works Gold Motocross Ultra Performance Chain

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The Renthal 520 R1 Works Gold Motocross Ultra Performance Chain is designed for racing with premium-quality, high-strength, lightweight non-O-ring features. Its shot-peened alloy steel side plates provide 7,650-lb. tensile strength and its inner chamfered links reduce chain derailment. Chromised bearing pins offer enhanced wear resistance, extended bushings reduce friction and improve power transmission, and gold-colored side plates help minimize corrosion. A clip-type link is included.


  • Renthal 520 R1 Works Gold Motocross Ultra Performance Chains are the pinnacle of strength and performance, delivering optimal results.
  • Engineered to perform at a high level on 450 racing bikes with a mean tensile strength of 7650 lbs.
  • All steel side plates are Shot-peened to increase strength 
  • Reduced friction bushings maximize power transmission, connecting outer and inner link plates.
  • Case-hardened steel alloy bearing pins for increased abrasion resistance
  • Gold side plates help resist corrosion and look good 
  • Clip style link included in package

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