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REKLUSE Radius CX Auto Clutch Kit 2014-2018 Yamaha YZ250F / RMS-7907078

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    The REKLUSE Radius CX Auto Clutch Kit 2014-2018 Yamaha YZ250F provides superior power transfer and tuning options for optimal performance. Featuring TorqDrive friction disk technology, EXP, and Core technology, riders can enjoy improved starts, faster speeds, and more control over the clutch for better line selection. Rekluse's optimized pressure plate design offers the best lever feel with consistent control. Enjoy the torque of your motor without sacrificing power or worrying about stalling.


    • Rekluse Core components deliver improved oil flow and stability over wide temperature ranges
    • TorqDrive friction disks provide longer clutch life 
    • Rekluse priority clutch basket sleeves. Eliminate clutch basket wear and notching
    • Great starts, carry more speed, 
    • Consistent strong power delivery
    • Maintain momentum. Without stalling 
    • Use the torque of your motor at low RPM 
    • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
    • Optimized pressure plate design provides our best lever feel; consistent control and behavior
      Fitment - Yamaha
      2019 - YZ250FX
      2019 - WR250F
      2018 - YZ250F
      2018 - YZ250FX
      2018 - WR250F
      2017 - YZ250FX
      2017 - YZ250F
      2017 - WR250F
      2016 - YZ250FX
      2016 - YZ250F
      2016 - WR250F
      2015 - YZ250FX
      2015 - YZ250F
      2015 - WR250F
      2014 - YZ250F

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