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Pro-X Piston Kawasaki KX65 00- 23 OEM Replacement Piston, Ring, C-Clips, Wrist Pin

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Pro-X Piston Kawasaki KX65 2000- 2023 OEM Replacement Piston, Ring, C-Clips, Wrist Pin

There are several things to consider when looking for a cast piston for your Kawasaki KX65. While you want to get the best quality and performance for your bike, you don’t want to overspend and pay more than necessary. That’s where Pro-X comes in. Pro-X offers high-quality, OEM-style cast pistons that are specifically designed for your bike. 

Unlocking the Secrets of the KX65 Pro-X Piston: Performance and Precision

Motocross racers are always on the lookout for high-quality, high-performance parts that can take their ride to the next level. One such component that has been generating buzz among riders is the KX65 Pro-X piston. Known for its use of top-notch, low-friction, low-expansion piston alloy, this key component boasts exceptional durability and performance. .

The Power of Precision Manufacturing

A major factor contributing to the impressive quality of the KX65 Pro-X piston lies in its manufacturing process. Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, each piston is precision machined to achieve perfect dimensions and tolerances. This robust level of accuracy ensures a consistent, reliable performance from every single Pro-X piston.



  • The smart solution; save money on engine repairs
  • Manufactured in Japan and designed as OEM replacements
  • Cast from a high-silicon content aluminum alloy that meets or exceeds OEM specifications, then CNC machined to extremely close tolerances
  • Available in standard sizes along with fractional increases in Standard (A) (B), and (C) sizes extend the life of expensive plated cylinders
  • Additional oversize pistons available in .010 increments
  • Kit includes piston, piston rings, wrist-pin, and circlips
  • Does not include the wrist-pin bearing for 2 strokes
  • Part Numbers 01.4022.A, 01.4022.B and 01.4022.C.
  • This piston also fits - 2003-2005 Suzuki RM65

**Some models include tin-based anti-friction skirt coating**

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