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Pro Circuit

Pro Circuit R-304 Silencers - 1031865 - 2019-2023 Yamaha YZ65

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Pro Circuit R-304 Silencers - 1031865 - 2019-2023 Yamaha YZ65

The Pro Circuit R-304 silencer is a high-performance two-stroke silencer designed specifically for full-race applications. Its compact design features a short aluminum canister that not only enhances the overall performance but is also ideal for closed-course racing. The inlet cap of the R-304 silencer is secured by hex head screws, allowing for easy removal and quick re-packing whenever needed.

When it comes to optimizing the two-stroke engine's power and performance, the choice of silencer plays a crucial role. The Pro Circuit R-304 silencer is a top-notch option for serious racers and enthusiasts looking to maximize their bike's potential on the track. This silencer is crafted with precision and designed to provide substantial performance gains.

  • Full-race two-stroke silencer. Optimum performance gains and is recommended for closed-course racing only
  • Silencer is completely rebuildable. Hex head screws are used to secure the inlet cap and can be removed easily for quick re-packing of the silencer
  • Pro Circuit uses 304 stainless steel intake tube
  • Double-walled mounting bracket(s), tig and mig welded for durability 
  • E-Glass packing for maximum packing life
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Whether you're a seasoned racer or a passionate rider, the R-304 silencer will undoubtedly enhance your bike's overall performance and bring you closer to your racing goals.