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Helix Flywheel Puller Kit 15 Metric Sizes - 390-7013

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The Helix Flywheel Puller Kit 15 Metric Sizes - 390-7013 features 15 metric sizes, making it ideal for a variety of powersports applications. Made from high-quality steel, this internal-type flywheel puller set is designed with right-hand thread, providing you with reliable and durable results when replaced.


  • Internal type flywheel puller set
  • Includes thread pitch and size combinations to fit almost all motorcycles and ATVs: M14 x 1.5 pitch, M16 x 1.5 pitch, M18 x 1.5 pitch, M19 x 1.0 pitch, M20 x 1.0 pitch, M22 x 1.0 pitch, M22 x 1.5 pitch, M24 x 1.0 pitch, M25 x 1.5 pitch, M26 x 1.0 pitch, M26 x 1.5 pitch, M27 x 1.0 pitch, M27 x 1.25 pitch, M28 x 1.0 pitch, M28 x 1.5 pitch
  • Sizes to fit many powersports applications
  • High quality tool steel
  • All pullers are right hand thread unless noted

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