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GET CDI with Map Switch - GK-CDI-0003 - CDI for 2-Stroke Engines CDI - 2018-2023 Husqvarna TC 85

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Revolutionize Your 2-Stroke Engine Performance with CDI: Optimal Ignition Curve Management and More

2-stroke engine enthusiasts unite! Are you looking to upgrade your ride and get the most out of your engine? Look no further than the innovative CDI systems specially designed for 2-stroke engines. This advanced ignition system provides optimal management of the ignition curve, ensuring your engine performs at its peak.

The Importance of Optimal Ignition Curve Management

Ignition curve management is essential for delivering maximum power and torque across all RPM ranges in a 2-stroke engine. With a well-tuned ignition curve, you'll notice smoother acceleration, improved throttle response, and enhanced overall performance. CDI systems are designed to achieve just that – providing advanced control over your engine's ignition curve.

Two Pre-Installed Maps: RACE & WET

The CDI system comes equipped with two pre-installed maps to cover different riding scenarios. Map 1, called RACE, is designed for maximum power delivery and peak performance on dry tracks or trails. On the other hand, map 2 (WET) optimizes engine settings for more challenging wet conditions, offering increased traction and control.

Easy Access: Handlebar-Mount Map Toggle Switch

Switching between maps has never been easier with the included handlebar-mount map toggle switch. Riders can effortlessly switch between RACE and WET modes on the fly while riding, ensuring optimal engine performance in any situation. 


  • Provide optimal management of the ignition curve
  • Ignition curves can be customized using Athena MAYA software (sold separately) 
  • Come with two maps pre-installed: map 1 is RACE, map 2 is WET (reduce power gain traction)
  • Handlebar-mount map toggle switch included
  • Plug-and-play installation on standard engines

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