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BBR Rev Box - 451-HCF-1502 - Honda CRF110F 2013-2018, and CRF150F 2006-2017

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The BBR Rev Box - 451-HCF-1502 is a must-have upgrade for Honda CRF110F 2013-2018 and CRF150F 2006-2017 owners. With its ability to eliminate the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provide a hotter advance curve, this Rev Box unlocks the full potential of your bike's performance.

One of the biggest advantages of installing the BBR Rev Box is the removal of the rev limiter. This allows your engine to rev higher and reach its maximum potential, resulting in increased power and acceleration. Whether you're looking to dominate the race track or simply enjoy a thrilling ride, the Rev Box will take your bike's performance to the next level.

  • Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev-limiter of the OEM ignition
  • Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box
  • Hotter advance curve

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