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All Balls Crankshaft Bearing/Seal Kit - 24-1103 - 2018-2022 Husqvarna TC 65

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All Balls uses Japanese precision crank bearings, specifically Koyo and Nachi, are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. These bearings are designed with advanced features that enhance the overall functionality of the crankshaft seals.

One of the notable features of these precision crank bearings is the incorporation of a carbon/fluorocarbon pad on the seal lip. This innovative design element plays a crucial role in reducing startup friction, especially during dry starts. By providing a smooth surface for the seal to glide against, the pad minimizes any abrasive contact, ensuring optimal performance from the moment the engine starts.


  • This kit reduces friction during startup, improving dry start performance and decreasing wear on the crank pin.
  • Fitment - 2018-2022 Husqvarna TC 65

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