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Works Performance from 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes with FMF Fatty & Gnarly Exhaust Pipes

Works Performance from 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes with FMF Fatty Exhaust Systems

Dirt bike riders and racers are always in pursuit of that gain edge to dominate the tracks or trails, and FMF 2-stroke pipes have become a critical component in achieving superior performance. The secret to their success lies in a combination of design, manufacturing precision, and the remarkable way in which these exhaust pipes elevate engine horsepower and torque.

Design Excellence - FMF Factory Fatty Pipe:

The FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust pipes are inspired by custom cone pipes used by Factory Teams during the two-stroke era. These pipes merge modern performance with traditional design elements like hand-pounded seams and a carbon steel finish to provide durability and efficiency. 

The FMF Factory Fatty Pipe's body is made of 20 gauge steel, while the header portion is constructed from 19 gauge steel. This makes for a lighter and more efficient design.

The Factory Fatty showcases outstanding workmanship and performance, making it an ideal choice for enhancing performance and achieving the sought-after factory bike appearance and sound..

Designed for a broad and smooth power curve, the FMF Factory Fatty exhaust pipe delivers gains throughout the entire power band. This includes increased low-end power, enhanced mid-range, and improved over-rev, all of which are highly advantageous for various types of riding and provide greater control over the power band.

Old School 2-stroke dirt bike pipe

 Old School pipe from the 70's

FMF Factory Fatty Exhaust pipe - 2-Stroke

Current FMF Factory Fatty

Manufacturing Mastery - FMF Fatty & Gnarly Pipes:
Crafting these high-performance pipes involves meticulous manufacturing techniques. FMF utilizes its Tru-Flo stamping process to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. This process is applied to pipes like the FMF Fatty, made from carbon steel with a nickel-plated finish, built for longevity. The Gnarly pipes, another esteemed product from FMF, are designed for more torque and power, especially when navigating through challenging terrain.

The Gnarly Pipe's Body is constructed of durable 18 gauge steel, providing strength and reliability.

The FMF Fatty utilizes a Tru-Flo stamping process for precise fitting and optimal performance.

FMF Racings Fatty 2-Stroke exhaust pipeFMF Gnarly pipe increasing lower RPM horsepower and torque woods riding

FMF Fatty Pipe                                               FMF Gnarly

Power Generation
The exhilarating power boost provided by FMF 2-stroke pipes stems from their intelligent design that leverages pressure waves within the exhaust system. When combustion gases exit the cylinder, they create a positive pressure pulse. This is then followed by a negative pressure wave, which helps to draw fresh air-fuel mixture into the cylinder, maximizing the engine's power output.

The distinct shape of 2-stroke exhausts, with their expansion chambers, is a testament to the scientific design that allows reflected pressure waves to arrive at the exhaust port at precisely the right time, significantly impacting horsepower. These expansion chambers are comprised of divergent and convergent cones that create echoes or waves, refining the engine’s power delivery.

Unleash your Dirt Bike's full potential with FMF 2-stroke pipes. Enhance your bike with increased torque and power. From FMF Racing.

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