Motocross Piston and Ring Maintenance

Why do You Change Piston & Rings Often on a Motocross, Dirt Bike?

Why do Manufacturers tell you to change your piston and rings so often on a Motocross Bike or Dirt Bike?

Some people think as long as the bike kicks over and starts in a few kicks we are good, Not!

Below is a little bit of general information to look at. Always check your owners manual and follow their service recommended intervals. 

 Piston & Rings Maintenance:

Most modern two strokes / four stroke Motocross/Enduro motorcycles recommend piston and ring replacement at 15 hour or 5-6 race intervals. Just because the kick starter feels firm or it starts easy, it still may be time for maintenance.  

Why do they suggest so often?

50-125 CC 2-Stroke  15 Hours (Single Ring Piston) 7 Hour (Single Ring Piston)
175- 250 CC 2-Stroke (4-Stroke Piston  40 hours (Dual Ring Piston) 15 Hours (Dual Ring Pistons)
150F-250F cc 4-Stroke  40 Hours (Multi-Ring Piston) 15 Hours (Multi-ring Piston)
350F-450F cc 4-Stroke  60 hours (Multi-ring Piston) 20 Hours (Multi-Ring Piston)


What will go wrong if you do not follow manufacturer's scheduled service intervals, to maintain your motor? 

  • Piston ring failure (score the cylinder)
  • Damage the exhaust port area 
  • Damage power valves 
  • Damage cylinder plating 
  • Piston skirt can break and damage lower end of motor (crank Casse)
  • Damage cylinder head 
To see more reasons why maintenance needs to be done to keep you Dirt Bike in top shape. Click the link, and there is more information about piston and rings, crankcase and pictures to see why this is so important. 
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Check back often I will always be updating the maintenance pages with additional information 
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