Get Your Dirt Bike Running Like New Again with Wiseco's Garage Buddy Engine Rebuild Kit

Get Your Dirt Bike Running Like New Again with Wiseco's Garage Buddy Engine Rebuild Kit

Get Your Dirt Bike Running Like New Again with Wiseco's Garage Buddy Engine Rebuild Kit

If you're a dirt bike owner, you know the feeling of excitement when it's time to bring your bike out of storage after a long winter. But what happens if your bike won't start? There could be many reasons for this, but one common issue is worn piston and rings. If your hour meter reads 200 hours or more, it might be time to consider rebuilding your dirt bike engine.  

Rebuilding your engine may seem daunting, but it's worth it in the long run. By getting your bike running smoothly, you'll avoid any potential problems during the upcoming season. Don't let a dirt bike that won't start put a damper on your riding season. Take the time to bring your dirty bike back to life so it will perform at its best.  

Wiseco has an answer for you is the Garage Buddy Complete Engine Rebuild Kit. They offer rebuild engine kits for 2 stroke or 4 stroke dirt bikes, ATV, and UTV. We will take a good look at the dirt bike rebuild kits in this blog. The Garage Buddy Complete Engine Rebuild Kits save time and money.   

 Wiseco 2 Stroke Garage Buddy Complete Engine Rebuild Kit  

WISECO 2 stroke Performance Engine Rebuild Kit Engine Kit

Wiseco's Garage Buddy - 2 Stroke Complete Engine Rebuild Kits comes with a Pro Lite Forged Piston, Complete Crankshaft assembly and OEM-quality main bearings, along with all necessary Gaskets, Seals, and O-rings. What's more, Wiseco forged piston kit (std. bore), including the necessary piston components, are included in the kit, and two-stroke motorcycle applications, a wrist pin bearing is included. The Garage Buddy line also includes an hour meter and assembly lube.  

garage buddy rebuild kit wiseco 4 stroke

Wiseco's 4 Stroke Garage Buddy Kits - come with a 4 Stroke Forged Series Piston that is built to last. This Wiseco Forged Piston Kit features a stock compression ratio and OEM size in all 4-Stroke engine kit. The kit also includes a cam chain and a crankshaft and rod assembly inspected for durability. You can be confident that your engine will continue to perform at its best for years to come with the high-quality components included in this kit. Additionally, the kit also includes main bearing, seals, gaskets, and a high-quality cam chain. With these additional components, your bike will be ready for whatever adventures lie ahead. Upgrade your 4-stroke bike with the Wiseco 4 Stroke Garage Buddy Kit and experience the difference. 


All Wiseco piston supplied in Garage Buddy kits (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke) are for a stock sized bore, with OEM Stock Compression ratios.  

Wiseco Piston kit armorglide box Wiseco Pro Lite Piston

Wiseco Forged Piston: can be a great upgrade for high-performance engines. These pistons are forged stronger than OEM pistons, making them more durable and able to withstand higher compressions and more power. Wiseco pistons also have better heat dissipation properties, which can help prevent engine failure.  

Wiseco Pro Lite pistons better than OEM? In terms of performance, yes. Wiseco pistons can be an excellent choice.  

Pro-Lite Piston features:  

  • Forged pistons are stronger than stock OEM pistons. 
  • Can be run with tighter tolerances for quiet running. 
  • More hours with peak performance between piston changes. 
  • All Pro-Lite pistons include rings, wrist pin and circlips. 


Wiseco forged crankshaft bottom end | Moto-House MX

Wiseco Crankshafts: What makes the crankshafts so good. Wiseco is the industry standard for forged high-performance engine components. 

Wiseco Crankshafts - use double-forged connecting rods made from dedicated forgings that maintain superior strength, durability, and dimensional consistency through improved grain flow. Shot peening eliminates residual stress and oil slots are located to maximize lower rod oiling and extend bearing life. The coated bronze thrust washers have a dimpled design to increase oil retention and reduce stress between the connecting rod, washer, and crank web. 
Wiseco double-drilled small ends provide the piston pin with extra lubrication and cooling, reducing distortion of top end due to thermal transfer from the piston. Wiseco has designed these crankshafts and connecting rods to work together with their pistons to provide the smoothest rotating assembly possible. Having a complete bottom end that is made of 100% forged material will give you the peace of mind that your motor will be able to withstand any abuse within reason. 


Wiseco 4 Stroke Cam Chain:  When the cam chain fails, catastrophic engine failure typically results. So, the need for replacement is an important part of maintenance and using a quality replacement cam chain like wiseco.  

Wiseco’s Cam Chain - are made from premium materials to reduce friction and increase service life. With an "M" style chain, maximum strength and durability is achieved. Unlike other aftermarket chains, Wiseco's in-house engineering ensures its cam chains exceed OEM specifications and tolerance. This means that you can trust Wiseco cam chains to keep your engine performing at its best, whether you're on the track or on the street. So, if you're looking for an upgrade over your stock cam chain, choose Wiseco for the ultimate in strength and reliability.  


Cometic Gaskets and Seals: When it comes to engine gaskets and seals, you want to make sure you're using the right materials for the job. That's where Cometic comes in. They design and build their gaskets right here in the U.S.A. and use top-quality materials to match the needs of each specific gasket. 

For example, even the basic top end gasket kit from Cometic features different materials for each gasket. The head gasket is made from non-asbestos, flexible graphite that is laminated to a stainless-steel core. Meanwhile, the manifold and base gaskets are made from non-asbestos nitride rubber-bound fiber. Cometic even includes copper gaskets where needed. 
Cometic uses high-quality materials, Cometic can provide gaskets that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. So, whether you're building a high-performance motorcycle or just doing some routine maintenance, you can trust Cometic gaskets to get the job done right. 


Wiseco's Garage Buddy line of rebuild kits is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to keep their engine in top shape. Not only are these kits easy to use, but they are also incredibly affordable. And if that's not enough, the Garage Buddy line is covered under a 90-day/10-hour warranty against manufacturer defects, giving you added peace of mind. With its high-quality components and expert craftsmanship, Wiseco's Garage Buddy line is guaranteed to get the job done right. So, if you are looking for a reliable and effective way to maintain your engine, look no further than Wiseco's Garage Buddy line of rebuild kits. 

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