The Unrivaled Protection and Performance of Maxima's Engine Oils

The Unrivaled Protection and Performance of Maxima's Engine Oils

The Unrivaled Protection and Performance of Maxima's Engine Oils

The Unrivaled Protection and Performance of Maxima's Engine Oils

Maxima Racing Oils are already a favorite chemical brand in our motocross shop. With new formulations improving many aspects of Maxima’s 4T lubricants, riders have even more reason to fill their engines with Maxima's Premium, Syn-Blend, ProPlus+ and Extra High Performance Synthetics oils.

Maxima is using the new base oils and updating the entire additive package, Maxima’s latest generation of 4-stroke oils provides improved power and acceleration, bolsters clutch performance, drastically improves engine cleanliness, and is more resistant to oxidative and thermal-breakdown.

All of these benefits are available in Maxima’s Premium mineral-based oil, Syn-Blend semi-synthetic oil, 530MX Pro Series synthetic oil, ProPlus+ full-synthetic oil, and Extra triple-ester full-synthetic oil.

Maxima’s PEAC (Performance Enhancing Additive Chemistry) additive system is a hallmark of Maxima oils, and the package has been completely upgraded for these latest 4T lubricants.

In the wild world of chemistry, molecules can be assembled in a way that gives them a preference for certain materials. Maxima harnessed that trait, allowing PEAC to deliver optimized friction to different parts of the engine.

Protection for your components like the transmission, crank and piston, Maxima tailored molecules to have a high affinity for steel and aluminum, but a low affinity for clutch friction material. This reduces drag for optimal engine power while maintaining necessary clutch friction for effective power transfer. Conversely, PEAC contains additives with a high affinity for clutch material to ensure the friction plates are adequately protected and modulation remains consistent, even at extreme temperatures.

Another area of improvement for these new 4T oils is in cleanliness and long-term stability. Oxidation is the enemy of oil, causing breakdown that reduces lubrication and forms the precursors to unwanted deposits. For these new oils Maxima has upgraded to a more oxidatively stable base oil and improved the chemistry of the potent dual-molecule antioxidant package. Reducing the oil's vulnerability to oxidation improves durability for extended service intervals and helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits.

An additional, and significant step, to improve deposit control was a complete overhaul of the dispersant system, which are the components responsible for keeping contaminants from accumulating on engine surfaces by “dispersing” them throughout the oil. The new dispersants, produced by a completely different and novel process, provide two times the cleaning action, drastically reducing engine deposits.

Now, let's take a closer look at the range of oils Maxima offers. First the Premium mineral-based oil is ideal for those seeking a reliable and budget-friendly option without sacrificing performance. It provides excellent lubrication and protection, serving as a robust foundation for your customers' machines.

MAXIMA RACING OIL Premium High Performance Mineral 4T Engine Oil

  • Highly stable, long-life multigrade motorcycle oil with additives that greatly reduce wear and friction
  • Viscosity-stable formula and high-temperature additives provide protection in extreme conditions
  • API SL/JASO MA2 rated oil
  • Made in the U.S.A.

For riders looking to strike a balance between affordability and performance, Maxima offers the Syn-Blend semi-synthetic oil. This cutting-edge blend combines the best of both worlds, blending premium mineral oil with highly refined synthetic components. The result is an oil that delivers superior protection against wear and tear, enhanced engine cleanliness, and extended drain intervals.

MAXIMA RACING OIL SynBlend Semi-Synthetic 4T Engine Oil

  • Semi-synthetic, ester-based 4-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection, peak performance, and positive clutch feel
  • Surface-active formulation provides excellent film thickness and viscosity stability across all operating temperatures
  • Advanced, proprietary additive system keeps your engine running clean, trouble-free and extends the life of the machine
  • Made in the U.S.A.


If your racer demands nothing but the best, Maxima's 530MX Pro Series Synthetic oil is the ultimate choice for motocross racers. 530MX uses advanced synthetic technology, this oil offers unrivaled lubrication and protection for high-performance machines. Its exceptional thermal stability ensures peak performance even under racing conditions, allowing you to push the limits of their machines with confidence.

Maxima's 530MX pro Series Synthetic oil is the ultimate choice Motocross

  • 100% synthetic, triple ester 4-stroke engine oil
  • MX/Off-road specific formulation enables maximum horsepower and torque, while also providing an exceptional clutch feel
  • Shear stable, regenerative polymers maintain oil viscosity and film thickness
  • Provides the ultimate protection for critical engine, transmission and clutch components
  • Your engine will continue to run clean and trouble-free from high-temperature detergents
  • Exceeds API SL and JASO MA2 specifications
  • Made in the U.S.A.

For riders that demand nothing but the best, Maxima's ProPlus+ full-synthetic oil is the ultimate choice. Crafted with advanced synthetic technology, this oil offers unrivaled lubrication and protection for high-performance machines. Its exceptional thermal stability ensures peak performance even under the most demanding conditions, allowing your customers to push the limits of their machines with confidence.

MAXIMA RACING OIL Pro Plus+ Synthetic 4T Engine Oil - Motorcycle, motocross

  • Ester-fortified, full synthetic 4T engine oil maintains oil viscosity and film thickness, and next-generation additives protect against wear and deposits
  • Balanced additive system minimizes engine deposits while protecting critical engine, transmission and clutch components
  • Designed to prolong wet clutch life and offers excellent feel
  • Formulated for integrated wet clutches
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Last but not least, Maxima presents Extra High Performance Synthetic 4T Engine Oil. Extra triple-ester full-synthetic oil. This top-tier oil is tailor-made for the most demanding applications, catering to the needs of serious performance enthusiasts. With its exceptional film strength, superior temperature stability, and unmatched wear protection, the Extra oil guarantees unwavering performance and protection in extreme conditions.

MAXIMA RACING OIL Extra Synthetic 4T Oil - Motocycle, motocross,

  • 100% synthetic triple ester-based 4-cycle oil
  • Advanced additive system delivers the ultimate in performance with reduced friction and engine temperatures
  • New reduced friction 5W-40, 10W-40 and 15W-50 viscosities
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for API SL and JASO-MA
  • Designed for high performance applications for all air and water-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engines
  • Made in the U.S.A.

In conclusion, Maxima's new line of performance oils is a game-changer for riders and their motorcycles. The combination of high-quality base oils, shear-stable viscosity modifiers, and the groundbreaking PEAC system makes these oils a cut above the rest. Whether your customers choose the Premium, Syn-Blend, ProPlus+, 530MX Pro Series synthetic or Extra oil, they can rely on Maxima to provide unmatched protection, enhanced performance, and ultimate peace of mind. Trust Maxima, and your customers' machines will thank you.

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