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The Top Ten Must-Have Upgrades for the 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F

The Honda CRF110F has quickly become one of the most popular pit bikes on the track, thanks to its reliable performance and handling. With a growing community of riders, they are looking for ways to take their 2019-2023 CRF110F to the next level. In this blog post, we'll explore the top ten best modifications you can make to your Honda CRF110F, all of which are simple bolt-ons that provide an excellent starting point for further customization. This is a starting point, you can always do more. 

Exhaust System Upgrade - One of the first modifications many riders make is upgrading their exhaust system. An aftermarket exhaust not only provides better performance and sound, but also sheds weight compared to the stock system.

1) Moto-House MX choice is the Yoshimura RS-9T Stainless Full Exhaust, W/ Stainless Muffler - 221110R520 - 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F

Air Filter Upgrade - Another easy modification is replacing the stock air filter with a high-flow foam air filter. This ensures better airflow and improved filtration, resulting in increased engine performance and throttle response.

2) Moto-House MX choice is Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filters 150012- 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F 

   Yoshimura Dyno Results CRF110F 19-23 RS-9T STAINLESS FULL EXHAUST, W/ STAINLESS MUFFLER | Moto-House MX

Suspension Upgrades - Upgrading your CRF110F's suspension can drastically improve handling and traction. Consider investing in stiffer fork springs, heavy-duty rear shock springs or down the road even a full suspension conversion kit if you're looking for more performance gains from your bike.

Moto-House MX choice is to go simple with springs front, rear spring, and performance damping rod set. 

3) Moto-House MX choice is the BBR Damping Rod Set - 634-HCF-1101 - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F

4)  Moto-House MX choice is the BBR Heavy Duty Fork Springs - 650-HCF-1105 - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F

5) Moto-House MX choice is the BBR Shock Spring - 660-HCF-1205 - 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F

Taller Bars and Risers - A common issue with pit bikes is cramped ergonomics due to their small size. Installing taller handlebars and risers can improve rider comfort, control, and overall ride experience.

6) Moto-House MX choice is the BBR Handlebar Kit - Tall Bars W/Controls - 510-HCF-1121 - 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F

7) Moto-House MX choice is the Pro Circuit Top Clamp and Bar Mount - 39120111 - 2019-2023 Honda CRF110F

Shift Shaft Brace -The shift shaft of the Honda CRF110 is prone to sticking out and may be susceptible to bending. By installing a Shaft Brace, you can ensure that your shift shaft remains intact and avoid the hassle and cost of replacing it. There are two versions: Pro Circuit (more cost effective) and BBR (looks way cooler) both do the job well. 

8) Moto-House MX choice is the PRO CIRCUIT SHIFT SHAFT BRACE - 2312101 - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F or BBR Shift Shaft Brace / Chain Guard - 405-HCF-1110 - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F

Raptor-style Footpegs - Wider and more aggressive footpegs provide better grip and control when standing on the pegs, making it easier to maneuver your CRF110F. 

9) Moto-House MX choice is the FLO Motorsports Foot Pegs - Jet Fuel or Black - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F, CRF70F, and CRF50F

Lithium Battery - Honda is renowned for producing top-notch dirt bikes however, an area where there has been some room for improvement is the battery. If you're seeking a battery that is both powerful and lightweight for your Honda CRF110F:

10) Moto-House MX choice is the - Fire Power Pit Bike Lithium Battery - HJTZ5SL-FP-B - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F, CRF125F, CRF125FB

The last thing to mention is a big bore kit - Everyone wants more power and this a simple way to start with a bolt on kit. When it comes to motor work you can go crazy that's why we did not included it in our list. Below, is a simple bolt-on kit we recommend it if you are not wanted to do a complete performance engine. 

BBR Big Bore Kit - 132cc - 411-HCF-1151 - 2013-2023 Honda CRF110F


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