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The Secret Weapon in Motocross Racing: Unlocking the Power of HoleShot Device

The Secret Weapon in Motocross Racing: Unlocking the Power of HoleShot Device 

Nailing that first turn is a huge deal in dirt bike racing which is half the battle. Once you're leading the pack, it's smoother riding to keep that spot compaired to battling it out from the back of the pack and trying make your way to the front.

Launch Control or Holeshot Device is a crucial tool for achieving a competitive start in a dirt bike race. Its primary function is to maintain control and maximize traction as the rider launches out of the gate. By keeping the front wheel planted firmly on the ground, the device prevents the bike from wheelieing, allowing the rider to maintain full throttle without interruption. That means staying on the gas and driving to the first turn.

History of the Holeshot Device:

The holeshot device originated in 1979, invented by Team Husqvarna's Arlo Englund. It gained renewed attention when the factory Yamaha team used it in the MXGP World Championship and was notably utilized by rider Chad Reed in 2001. Reed discreatly used the device in Supercross races, and eventually, Honda became aware of its use.

 Seven reasons to use a Launch Control or HoleShot Device:

  1. Improved Launch Control: The holeshot device temporarily compresses the front suspension, lowering the bike's front end. This change in stance improves traction and minimizes wheelies off the start, allowing for better launch control.
  2. Enhanced Stability: By keeping the front end down, riders can maintain a straighter line out of the gate, which is crucial for a good start. This stability can also help the rider avoid collisions with other competitors who may be struggling to control their bikes.
  3. Increased Confidence: Knowing that the bike is equipped with a holshot device which helps optimize the start can boost a rider's confidence. With one less variable to worry about, riders can focus on timming the gate drop.
  4. Consistency in Performance: The holeshot device can help riders achieve a more consistent start in every race, which is vital in a sport where every second counts. Consistent starts can lead to consistently better positioning and potentially better overall race results.
  5. Adjustability for Conditions: Some holeshot devices offer adjustability, allowing riders to fine-tune their launch settings based on track conditions, rider weight, and personal preferences.
  6. Technical Advantage: In highly competitive scenarios, where many riders have similar levels of skill and experience, a technical advantage, like a holeshot device, can be the difference between a podium finish and a mid-pack result.
  7. Quick Disengagement: The front suspension experiences compression, the holeshot device automatically disengages, allowing the bike to return to its normal suspension operation without any distraction to the rider.

Holeshot devices come in various brands and styles, designed to fit a wide range of dirt bikes, from smaller 50cc models up to the larger 450cc bikes, and they are compatible with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Each brand may offer different features or mechanisms, but the core purpose remains the same, to gain a advantage in the start. 

Rear HoleShot Device:  

Also including those designed for the rear suspension. The rear holeshot device rigidifies the rear suspension, preventing it from compressing during acceleration from the starting gate. This ensures that maximum power is transferred to the ground, enhancing the bike's thrust forward. Similar to the front holeshot device, the rear one also disengages automatically once the suspension compresses, reverting to its usual operation and allowing for the regular suspension dynamics during the rest of the race. (This is a device that we have not used yet. We will be testing on in the next few weeks)


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