The Moto Tassinari VForce Reed Keeps Getting Better - New VForce4

The Moto Tassinari VForce Reed Keeps Getting Better - New VForce4

When racers looking for the performance edge on two-stroke race bikes. The VForce3 reed valve system for all modern 2stroke motocross you will increase horsepower and torque by increasing the efficiency over a conventional reed valve design. VForce3 reed cage offers a unique design features double the reed tip surface over the OEM reed valve design. 

Moto Tassinari design is superior, consider when an engine operating at 8,000 RPM the reed petal opening and closing 133 times in one second. That is demanding on the VForce3 reed system, reliability and performance are what you need from your reeds. This is where the Moto Tassinari VForce3 system outperforms the competition.  Since the petals are only traveling half the distance, they last longer over the OEM Designed reed valve design.

Moto Tassinari used the proven success of the VForce3 and have taken the performance even father with the VForce4. The VForce3 has been receiving constant updates and improvement to its design (including the latest VForce3R models). The VFroce3 has been a success when it comes to performance but after 15 years it was time to move forward.

The new VFroce4 reed cage design now incorporates an airfoil shape at the reed tip area to increase air velocity from the outer ports. Moto Tassinari used an all-new reed petal resin system, carbon fiber and lay-up on their new pre-curved reed petals. Why does VForce4 use pre-curved reeds, the benefit of the pre-curved reed petal is better sealing at the tip area. The VForce4 also features longer reed stops to progressively slow petal tip velocity, for increased petal durability. The combined reed tip area has been increased by over 10% resulting in increased total airflow. Finally, they reduced frontal area of central wing by 15.6% combined with a more aerodynamic shape.

The all-new VForce4R models incorporate a rubber overmodling on the reed surface to drastically increase reed petal life, while also creating a superior sealing surface.

The all-new VForce4Ri models include a custom intake manifold boot that offers a straighter shot to the intake that greatly enhances both airflow and performance. The VForce4Ri is currently only available for select bikes and atv’s.


VForce4 Fitment List:

 1987-2006           Yamaha Banshee 350

2011, 2013-2015, 2017-2018        KTM       250 XC-W

2017-2018            KTM       300 XC-W

2017-2019            Husqvarna          TE 150

2017-2019            KTM       250 XC

2017-2020            KTM       250 SX

2017-2019            KTM       300 XC

2016-2020            KTM       125 SX

2018-2020            KTM       250 XC-W TPI

2019-2020            Husqvarna          TE 300i

2019-2020            KTM       300 XC-W TPI

2019-2020            KTM       300 XC-W TPI Six Days

2016-2020            Husqvarna          TC 125

2017-2018            Husqvarna          TE 250

2017-2018            KTM       125 XC-W

2017-2019            KTM       150 XC-W

2018-2020            Husqvarna TE 250i

2020                       KTM       300 XC TPI

2020                       Husqvarna TX 300i

2020                       KTM       250 XC TPI

2020                       KTM       150 XC-W TPI

2020                       Husqvarna TE 150i

2017-2019            Husqvarna TX 300

2017-2020            Husqvarna TC 250

2017-2018            Husqvarna TE 300

2005                       KTM       300 EXC

2016-2020            KTM       150 SX

2005-2020            Yamaha YZ 125

2020                       Yamaha YZ 125 X

1991-1992            Yamaha YZ 80

1988-2006            Yamaha Blaster 200

2007-2016            KTM       300 XC-W

2007-2014            KTM       250 XC

2003-2016            KTM       250 SX Notes: 2003 - Requires KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

2002-2011            KTM       300 MXC Requires  Notes: 2004-2006 - KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

2004-2011            KTM       300 EXC Notes: 2004-2006 - Requires KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

2007-2016            KTM       300 XC

2004-2011            KTM       250 EXC Notes: 2004-2006 - Requires KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

2012, 2016          KTM       250 XC-W

2004-2011            KTM       250 MXC Notes: 2004-2006 - Requires KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

2014-2016            Husqvarna          TE 250

2014-2016            Husqvarna          TE 300

2014-2016            Husqvarna          TC 250 Requires KTM 250 SX 04 Intake Boot

Yamaha YZ85       1993-2021

2018-2020            Yamaha YZ 65

Moto Tassinari VForce3 VForce4


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