The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Lithium Batteries vs. Lead Acid Batteries

The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Lithium Batteries vs. Lead Acid Batteries

While lead-acid batteries have been around for over 160 years, lithium batteries offer some clear advantages for motorcycle applications. With a little research and care, switching to a lithium battery can be a great upgrade.

Manufacturers have been operating with lead-acid batteries for over a century, and while they've become incredibly reliable over the years, they've also fallen behind modern developments. Lithium batteries have been designed to overcome some of the drawbacks of lead-acid batteries, which can make them a better choice for the modern motorcyclist.


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One significant disadvantage of lead-acid batteries is their weight. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, are substantially lighter than their lead-acid equivalents. This weight saving will be passed on to the motorcyclist, who will notice a significant reduction in the total weight of their vehicle.
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Lithium batteries are also advantageous in terms of their longevity, which can be up to five times longer than their lead-acid counterparts. This is paramount as it decreases the number of times you will have to replace a lithium battery compared to a lead-acid battery. The limited number of discharge/recharge cycles that lead-acid batteries provide compared to lithium batteries is a considerable drawback in terms of cost-effectiveness and practicality.
Regarding the self-discharge rate, it's essential to note that a lead-acid battery's charge can drop by up to 1% per day in hot environments while they're stored. However, lithium batteries don't struggle with this problem as they possess a much lower self-discharge rate.

Another concern is that a charging system must have a voltage of 13 to 14 volts to charge lithium batteries completely. Inadequate charging can result in a lithium battery's failure to charge or to emit power, making a healthy charging system vital for the battery's long operation life. It's also advisable to obtain a smart charger designed for lithium batteries simultaneously, as they can charge more accurately, effectively, and safely.
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In summary, while lithium batteries have several advantages over lead-acid batteries, it's essential to do your homework before making the switch. Determine if your charging system voltage is within the recommended ranges, choose the appropriate charger, and choose a high-quality lithium battery to ensure long-term reliability. Make sure to replace your original lithium battery with a quality one instead of going for the cheapest option.

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