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Strength and Performance of XK Glow's Off-Road Motorcycle LED Lighting

If you're in search of top-quality off-road lights for your motorcycle that are high-performing yet affordable, XK Glow is a brand that certainly stands out. Known for their expertise in both street and off-road lighting, XK Glow has garnered positive reviews from motorcycle enthusiasts. The XKGLOW Off-Road Motorcycle Headlight Kit, for instance, has been praised for its ease of installation and perfect fit for various bikes. The wide beam of this kit provides excellent visibility, which is crucial when navigating off-road terrains.

Customers have found the brightness, rated at 2800 lumens, to be more than sufficient for dark trails, and with a power consumption of only 40 watts, it's an energy-efficient choice as well. The input voltage range of 9-16 volts makes it versatile for different motorcycle models. The dual-mode driving lights from XK Glow, which feature an amber low beam and a white high beam, offer flexibility and power in a compact design, ensuring visibility in various weather conditions.

When considering the best off-road lights for motorcycles in 2023/2024, you'll want to look for LED options, as they provide brighter and clearer light than traditional bulbs, increasing your visibility on the road. LED lights are also known for their longevity and lower power consumption (J.D. Power). In terms of affordability, there are several brands that offer high-quality lights at reasonable prices, ensuring you don't have to break the bank to achieve a well-lit ride.

XK Glow's Off-Road Motorcycle Products:

LED Headlight Kits: These kits can replace standard headlights with bright, long-lasting LED lights that provide superior illumination for trails and rough terrain.

The XK Glow 2in Dual Mode LED Driving Light Kit is designed for motorcycles, UTVs, and ATVs, offering versatility and enhanced lighting for various offroad vehicles. This kit comes with a clamp mount that fits 0.875" to 1.125" round bars, making it adaptable to different vehicle types. It's fully waterproof with an IP67 rating, ensuring durability in harsh riding conditions and is sold as a pair.

Key features of this light kit include multiple mounting options to suit any offroad vehicle, providing flexibility in installation. The driving light kit offers a driving beam pattern with an amber low beam and an ultra-bright white high beam, ensuring better visibility and safety during rides.

These lights are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their nighttime visibility and add a custom look to their offroad vehicles. The dual mode functionality allows riders to switch between the amber and white beams depending on the conditions and personal preference.



The XK Glow Dual Sport Motorcycle Headlight Kit for KTM, known as XK-DS-KTM, is a lighting upgrade specifically designed for KTM dual sport bikes. It is crafted to fit any 2017 and newer KTM model that comes equipped with a factory hi/lo headlight, providing a more powerful and brighter lighting solution for both trails and roads.

This headlight upgrade kit features ultra-bright driving lights that significantly enhance visibility in various conditions, whether you're riding on dirt, trails, or pavement. The kit includes a mounting bracket that is tailored for KTM dual sport bikes, ensuring a seamless integration with the bike's design.

The kit is DOT compliant, and it provides an ultra-bright high/low beam, assuring that you have adequate lighting for safe riding during the night or in low-light situations. While the kit includes the bracket and lights, it is noted that it does not come with the number plate, and some modification may be required to mount it to the OEM number plate.

Overall, the XK Glow Dual Sport Motorcycle Headlight Kit for KTM is a premium lighting solution that offers KTM riders a significant improvement in visibility and safety, with the added benefit of enhancing the bike's aesthetic appeal. Its ultra-bright LEDs and compatibility with KTM bikes make it a valuable upgrade for riders who demand the best performance from their dual sport motorcycles.



Light Bars: LED light bars can be mounted on the handlebars or body of the motorcycle to offer a wide, bright beam that illuminates the path ahead, crucial for off-road conditions.

The XK Glow Motorcycle Headlight 6" Light Bar Kit with a 7/8" handlebar mount, model XK-DB, is an excellent choice for riders looking to enhance their nighttime riding experience. This DOT-compliant headlight kit is designed to fit perfectly onto 7/8" handlebars, which is a common size for many motorcycles. The kit includes a 6" driving beam light bar that delivers a powerful 40-watt, 2800-lumen beam, providing exceptional brightness and visibility for safe riding after dark (Moto-House MX).

The package comes complete with brackets, the 6" driving beam light bar, and a wiring harness. Also included is a handlebar clamp-mounted ON/OFF switch, which allows for easy control of the light without having to remove your hands from the handlebars (XK Glow Store). The clamps provided in the kit are designed to mount the light bar securely onto the 7/8" handlebars, ensuring stable and reliable illumination even when riding on rough terrain.

This headlight kit is an ideal solution for riders who require a robust and efficient lighting system for their motorcycle. With its high brightness and easy-to-use design, the XK Glow Motorcycle Headlight Kit is sure to improve the quality of your rides in low-light conditions.



XK Glow's products are designed to be rugged and durable, capable of withstanding the vibrations and shocks that are common in off-road riding. They also offer waterproof options for riders who tackle wet or muddy conditions.

For riders looking to enhance their off-road motorcycles with high-quality lighting, XK Glow offers innovative solutions that improve both the functionality and aesthetics of their bikes. Whether it's for safety, visibility, or style, XK Glow's range of LED products can be a valuable addition to any off-road motorcycle setup.

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