Spring is Around the Corner is Your Dirt Bike Ready for Spring

Spring is Around the Corner is Your Dirt Bike Ready for Spring

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, which means one thing to motocross dirt bike riders - it's time to get back out there and hit the dirt. But before you do, make sure your bike is ready for the spring season. In this blog post, we'll go over some tips and tricks to get your bike in top shape for the upcoming riding season. So grab your tools and let's get started!

Are you ready? Or should we say, is your bike ready? If you have too many hours on your bike, what should you do? Should you sell your ride or just freshen it up?

You can replace the bottom end for only $299.00 to $599.00 with a little time. Hot Rods is leading the way with replacement OEM Crankshafts, Bottom End kits, and Wrench Rabbit kits.

When it comes to motorcycle maintenance, diligent upkeep is key to enjoying a great day on the track or in the woods. Most motocross bike crankshafts are expected to last for 90-100 hours of use. But why wait until your motor fails and potentially damages your cylinder head, crankcase, or cylinder? That would only cost you more money in repairs compared to freshening up your motor before any problems arise. By maintaining your motor with regular maintenance, your riding performance will stay strong and you will ultimately save in long-term costs.

Hot Rods Bottom End Kits 

  • Hot Rods Bottom End kits include everything needed to complete crankshaft installation.
  • Hot Rods Bottom Ends kits offer an Hot Rods Heavy Duty OE replacement crankshafts 
  • Hot Rods main bearings and seals kit
  • Complete engine gasket set includes all gaskets and seals for complete engine rebuild
  • Main seals included when applicable
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    Hot Rods Crankshaft

    • Premier alternative to costly OEM crankshafts Sold complete and ready for installation
    •  The original proven Hot Rods connecting rods, top end bearings, and crankshaft webs
    • Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications
    • Hot Rods cranks will meet or surpass the OEM in performance and durability Crankshafts are fully rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods and bearings
    • Gears are made at a quality level of DIN Class 9 or higher
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      Wrench Rabbit / Vertex Complete Engine Rebuild Kits

      • The engine rebuild kit is the most comprehensive package available, complete with everything you'll need for a successful overhaul.
      • It includes a heavy-duty crankshaft from Hot Rods, counter balance bearing kit where applicable, as well as main bearing and seal kit.
      • Along with this, the kit contains the transmission bearing kit, water pump rebuild kit, Vertex replica piston kit, Vertex complete gasket and oil seal kit
      • Hot Rods wrist pin bearing, or a Hot Cams cam chain, based on what you need. Not only can you save an average of $400 as compared to buying OEM parts, but you can also save 7-15% on buying the same components separately
      • Additionally, this package helps save you a ton of time in researching necessary parts. You'll also appreciate that oversized pistons are available on some models.

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      The blog post provides tips and tricks for motocross dirt bike riders to get their bikes in top shape for the upcoming spring riding season. Topics discussed include replacing the bottom end of your bike, maintaining your motor with regular upkeep, and the benefits of doing so, such as saving money in long-term costs.

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