Ride Smart: How to Choose and OEM Replace Dirt Bike Wheel Bearings on a Budget

Ride Smart: How to Choose and OEM Replace Dirt Bike Wheel Bearings on a Budget

The Pivot Works OEM Replacement Wheel Bearing Kit is acclaimed for restoring the original steering and braking control that could be lost due to worn or rusted wheel bearings.  This kit offers the exact OEM replacement bearings and seals necessary for comprehensive wheel hub refurbishment, and here's why it stands out:

Ensuring Precision with Exact OEM Replacement Parts

An OEM replacement signifies that the components of the kit match the original parts in terms of specifications and performance. Utilizing OEM validated parts guarantees the highest quality 'custom-made' components that have been officially tested and validated for repair. This is critical as seals play a key to the longevity of bearings by retaining lubricants and preventing contaminants from entering. Oil seals that meet OE-standards should be recommended.

The Importance of Double-Sealed Ball Bearings:

Double-sealed ball bearings are essential for durability and longevity, as they prevent moisture and contamination from entering the bearing, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the wheel's rotation. Additionally, double seals retain all the grease within the bearing, preventing spin-off and ensuring no dirt or debris can compromise the bearing's function.

Comprehensive Hub Rebuilding: All-Inclusive Pivot Works Kits

Each Pivot Works kit includes the necessary bearings and seals to completely rebuild each hub. This means no additional parts are needed, and there is no need for modifications to the wheel hub. This all-inclusive approach provides convenience and ensures that all components work together seamlessly. 

Precision Fitment: Pivot Works Seal Solutions

The seals included in the Pivot Works kit are designed for proper fitment, which is crucial for the optimal functioning of the wheel bearings. Tight seals keep the bearings aligned and prevent them from wearing out early by keeping water away.

Customer Satisfaction:

Reviews of the Pivot Works Wheel Bearing Kit reflect customer satisfaction with the quality, convenience, and affordability of the product. Customers appreciate the perfect fit, the inclusion of all parts needed for a complete replacement, and the fast shipping. Moreover, the warranty offered by Pivot Works is a testament to the confidence in the quality of their products, providing replacements quickly in case of any issues.


In summary, the Pivot Works Wheel Bearing Kit is a solid choice for those looking to replace worn-out wheel bearings with a reliable and complete OEM replacement solution. Its double-sealed ball bearings and comprehensive rebuild kit make it a practical and economical choice for maintaining vehicle performance and safety.

Interested in purchasing a kit? Find your bike below.

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