Pre-Race MX / Enduro Performance Safety Inspection

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Pre-Race MX / Enduro Performance Safety Inspection

  • Clean and Service Air Filter - Clean and replace every ride
  • Throttle Operation - Inspect for smooth operation and free play
  • Clutch Adjustment - Adjust free play (set to factory spec.) (example 10 – 20 mm)
  • Inspect all cables - Inspect all cable operation and look cable condition - Lube Monthly
  • Inspect Fuel System - Inspect fuel lines, fuel tank and carburetor (if equipped)
  • Inspect cooling system - Inspect condition of coolant, radiator cap and radiator hoses
  • Replace spark plug - Inspect replace only if necessary
  • Valve Clearance - Inspect every 15 hours (valves get tight and cause hard starting)
  • Replace oil & Filter - Inspect level and replace every two rides
  • Engine Idle Speed - Inspect idle speed set to factory spec.
  • Replace Trans oil - Inspect or replace every two rides
  • Inspect Chain & Sprockets - Inspect chain & sprocket condition
  • Adjust Chain - Clean, lube and adj. every ride (factory spec.)
  • Inspect Chain Slider & Roller - inspect roller condition and bearing
  • Replace Brake Fluid & Bleed - Inspect fluid and bleed (replace if dark in color)
  • Inspect Brake Pads - Inspect pad thickness (replace if necessary)
  • Inspect & Adjust Controls - Set lever high and set brake adj. (if available)
  • Inspect Exhaust system - Inspect for exhaust leaks - replace packing 30 hr.
  • Service steering Head Bearings - Inspect steering and set fall-away (grease 30hr.)
  • Inspect linkage bearings - Inspect for free-play and service 30 hr
  • Inspect Wheel Bearings - Inspect free play and replace if necessary
  • Inspect Suspension - Inspect for fluid leaks and seal condition (replace 30 hr.)
  • Bleed Air from Forks - Remove caps and remove air from forks
  • Torque all Bolts & Secure - Recheck all bolts (Start right front walk around and end left front)
  • Inspect Wheels & Spokes - Inspect spoke tension every ride and true and inspect rims for cracks
  • Inspect Tires - Inspect tires and set air pressure every ride

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