The Newest Entry to The USA - BS Battery - AMG, Lithium

The Newest Entry to The USA - BS Battery - AMG, and Lithium

The Newest Entry to The USA Takes Charge - BS Battery

BS Battery has become within a few years, one of the largest and most innovative powersport battery manufacturer. Present in both OEM and OES fields, BS Battery offers an exhaustive range of powersport battery solution for all technologies (Lithium, SLA, MF and Dry), as well as for all application fields.

With more than 400 battery types, its 6 subsidiaries around the world and its 2 production basis, BS Battery brand and products are distributed throughout 70 countries, making BS Battery a reliable partner of most of the major distribution players and vehicle manufacturers. (BS Battery -

Now BS Battery is available from Parts Unlimited dealers across the USA.

The lineup includes such batteries as its SLA (sealed lead acid) and SLA MAX (designed for cruisers) batteries that don’t require maintenance, are
totally sealed, activated from the factory and completely
spill proof. Designed to make life easier for riders, mechanics and dealers, this plug-and-play solution removes the unpopular steps of dealing with acid batteries.

BS Batteries SLA Max lead acid BIX30HL, BTX20HL, BTX14HL | Moto-House MX

SLA Max batteries are designed to offer maximal performance for big engine bikes equipped with lots of electronic equipment (GPS, alarm, audio, flashlight…). Ready to use, the SLA Max batteries are factory activated, maintenance free and completely spillproof. AGM technology combined with new highly sophisticated construction design provide increased power, extended life and maximum reliability.
SLA MAX HD models (BIX30HL, BTX20HL, BTX14HL) are equipped with specific terminals to facilitate the mounting without using spacer rings, and with reinforced battery for a maximum vibration resistance. All these features fulfill heavy duty engines requirements such as Harley Davidson vehicles.

Features of the SLA Max - AMG Lead Acid for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles   

  • AGM (Absorbent glass mat) technology - Factory activated
  • Ready to use - Just plug and play
  • No maintenance - VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) design
  • Spillproof design - Factory sealed & electrolyte held in a glass fiber mat
  • Multi-positioning mounting - Up to 90°
  • No acid handling - Very safe
  • Maximum starting power & extended cycle life - 10% higher than SLA CCA
  • Superior capacity - 10% higher than SLA capacity
  • Extreme vibration resistance* - Reinforced battery case
  • Specific HD terminals* - Easy to install
  • Low discharge rate - Perfect for seasonal use
  • BS Battery SLA batteries lead acid  factory activate | Moto-House MX

    SLA batteries will make the user life easier. No more acid handling or inevitable waiting for battery charge! Everything becomes much more simple! Ready to use, the SLA batteries are factory activated, maintenance free and completely spill proof. A new environment for powersport battery: it becomes a plug & play solution, extremely simple to install and carry!

    BS Battery SLA batteries AMG Lead Acid Battery | Moto-House MX
    Features of the SLA Batteries - AMG Lead Acid - All Motorcycles 

    • Ready to use - Just plug and play
    • Absolutely maintenance free
    • Multi-positioning mounting - Up to 90°
    • No acid handling - Very safe
    • Spillproof design - Totally sealed
    • Increased power & extended cycle life - Safe & environmentally friendly
    • Low discharge rate

    New Product line - Seeking out new technologies, BS Battery offers an exhaustive line of Lithium batteries – from 12.8 Voltage, up to 560 CCA (A) – that features robust terminals and are equipped with an indicator to check the state of charge at
    any time. They are also lightweight, up to 70 percent lighter than lead acid batteries.

    Designed for the most demanding riders, looking for higher and safer performance, faster acceleration, highly reduced weight and much longer battery life. The very low self-discharge provide the possibility to start an engine after a very long period of storage, even in very cold temperature conditions.

    Features of the Lithium BatteriesBS Batterys Lithium - Motocross Performance Batterys | Moto-House MX

    • Ready to use - No need for preparation, just plug and play
    • Lighter weight - Up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries
    • Multi-positioning mounting - Up to 180°
    • Extensive cycle life - Over 2000 cycles
    • Fast charging - Super fast charging capabilities
    • Very low self discharge - Can start engine after a long period of storage
    • Cold temperature performance - Impressive cold cranking performance
    • Heat resistance - Heat temperature resistance up to 230°C
    • Robust brass terminals - For enhanced electrical performance
    • Very safe and environmental friendly - No acid, no leakage risk, no heavy metal, no toxic
    • Waterproof design - Silicone sealant for excellent sealing performance

    BS Battery tests its products under extreme racing conditions
    thanks to strong technical racing partnerships it has
    with Fabio Quartararo (MOTO GP World Champion), Yamaha
    GMT94 (World Superbike), Kawasaki Bud Racing (MXGP),
    Sherco Racing (Enduro GP, Hard Trial) and many others. ■

    This article is from Parts Magazine (January 2023, vol.29,#12)

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