Moto-House MX is the Newest REKLUSE Clutch Dealer in Central Florida

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REKLUSE Clutch - Florida Trail Riders Discount
Groveland, FL
Call for Florida Trail Riders Discount !!
All Rekluse clutch products are precision-engineered and made of high-quality materials to provide the best in performance and durability. Our components are stronger, lighter, longer lasting and built for maximum performance.
Moto-House MX - Call for FTR Florida Trail Riders Discount 407.558.0282 1514 Max Hooks Rd. Groveland Florida, 34736
No More Stalling Using principles of centrifugal force, EXP technology automatically engages and disengages the clutch based on engine RPM. With EXP, riders can start and stop without touching the clutch lever.
EXP Automatic Clutch Technology provides riders with precision throttle control, maximum traction and confidence to maneuver any obstacle on the track, trail, or road.
Tunable to Fit Your Riding Style Each auto clutch is optimized for each bike model as it comes from the factory. However, everybody rides differently, so we made sure
EXP Technology can be fine-tuned. We offer different spring and wedge options so riders can further adjust their clutch’s performance. Some riders like the clutch to engage just above idle, while others like later engagement.
Clutch Lever Is Still Functional At All Times It is possible to fully override the auto functionality at any time. You can pull the lever in, build RPMs, pop the clutch out and raise the front tire just like normal.
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rekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders CoreManual TorqDrive
rekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders radius x
rekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders torqdrive clutch packrekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders rekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders radius cx
rekluse clutch ftr Florida trail riders Core Manual
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