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How a Cylinder Works Cylinder Can Bring the Performance back to Your Dirt Bike/Motocross

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Choosing the Ideal Cylinder for Your 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Dirt Bikes: Why a Cylinder Works Cylinder is the Right Choice

Attention dirt bike riders and racers! We know the thrill of going full throttle on your dirt bike is unbeatable, but unfortunately, nothing runs like new forever. Maintenance can be a necessary evil, and sometimes, your motor can wear out, loose power or even seize up, putting an end to your day. So, how do you get back on track quickly and cost-effectively? Let's talk about the steps to replace your cylinder on your motocross/dirt bike and get you back on the track in no time!

Every dirt bike rider knows that keeping your engine in optimal condition is crucial for getting the most out of your bike. One of the key components that demands attention is the cylinder - and when it comes to selecting a high-quality replacement cylinder, Cylinder Works has you covered. So, why should you choose a Cylinder Works cylinder for your 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes? Let's dive into the advantages of these ready-to-install and direct bolt-on cylinders.

That way, you can avoid the hassle of sending out your cylinder and waiting for 4-6 weeks to have it repaired and re-plated, and just wait 

1. OEM Appearance: Cylinder Works cylinders look virtually identical to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cylinders. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want their bike to maintain its authentic appearance while benefiting from improved performance.

2. Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) Plating: A major advantage of choosing a Cylinder Works cylinder is its nickel silicon carbide-plated surface. NSC is a composite of nickel and silicon carbide, which provides an incredibly wear-resistant surface with excellent oil retention capabilities. This means your cylinder will be durable and resistant to wear over time, ensuring longer life for your dirt bike engine.

3. Precision Diamond Honed: Cylinder Works cylinders are diamond honed to the exact bore dimension and proper surface finish. This guarantees the ideal ring seal and oil retention, further enhancing your engine's performance and longevity.

4. No Re-plating Required: Unlike sending out your cylinder for repairing (re-plating), Cylinder Works cylinders ready to install. This means your ready to assembly your bike straight out of the box, saving you both time and additional costs.

Cylinder Works offers two options for dirt bike riders: cylinder-only (bare cylinder) or complete cylinder kits. These kits consist of the cylinder, piston kit, and gaskets. If you ride a 2-stroke bike, you can reuse your cylinder head, hardware and power valves. For 4-stroke bikes, you can reuse your cylinder head and hardware. We do recommend the purchase a new cam chain. We will always install a new timing chain with all top end rebuilds. 

Cylinder Works Cylinder kits are available in Standard Bore or Big Bore Kits.

5. Made in the USA: Last but certainly not least, Cylinder Works cylinders are proudly made in the United States, ensuring top-notch quality control, adherence to strict manufacturing standards, and support for American-made products.

When choosing a Cylinder Works cylinder for your 2-stroke or 4-stroke dirt bike offers numerous benefits. From their OEM appearance and nickel silicon carbide plating to precise diamond honing and hassle-free installation, these cylinders are designed to maximize the performance and longevity of your engine. Make the smart choice by equipping your dirt bike with a Cylinder Works cylinder today.

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